A person is not a 'resource'

Human resources they call them. The drones that keep typing on their keyboards producing lines of text that make monitors light up in different colors, depending on what other drones type. They’re characterized by output, productivity, typing speed, number of bugs introduced to code, days taken off for holidays or sick leave, availability as percentage of time. Those pesky employees.

People are not machines. A machine is something built in a cumulative output of human knowledge. An expression of human potential. For any machine there is a constructor, who

  • knows how it was built,
  • understands how it works,
  • can construct it anew.

Can someone construct a person? Does anyone understand how each and every part of the human body works? We are creative, surprising, non-deterministic, self-repairing and irreplaceable. If we were easy to replace, why would we have cemeteries?

Do you really think you can move your employees around, from desk to desk, from office to office, from city to city, from project to project, from task to task, without taking their opinion into account and without any loss of their creativity, productivity, devotion and thus quality of results they deliver to the company?

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