Are you listening?

I killed a salesman last week. He called from my cell phone company, he offered me a contract renewal, he kept using 10 words wherever 1 would suffice and kept pushing me to close the deal now, today, immediately. “I don’t understand; you already said you’re taking the offer!” Did I? He earned some well deserved frustration, hang up mumbling something about a time-waste.

“I’ve a better deal for you than you’ll get at our stores” said another salesman calling from the same firm today. I said “I’m listening.” 5 minutes later we closed the deal, the salesman congratulated, thanked me and left to cash in his commission. No pressure, clean, accurate facts, knew what he was selling. When I spoke, he listened. When I was thinking his proposal over, he stayed silent.

Too bad I’ve no way of contacting him in person. I’ve more contracts coming up for renewal.

Are you listening?

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