How to fix Facebook

An endless stream of music videos, LOL content and the occasional drunk party photo. Facebook has become the new TV with 500 different channels and absolutely nothing on. Nothing we consider worthwhile watching or discussing. And a solution is 2 steps away:

  1. Give users a way to easily dismiss/hide others’ messages.
  2. Let users know how many people dismissed their posts.

In other words: provide everyone with feedback on how lousy their content is, not only how “great” it is via “Likes”. Feedback they will consider when typing their next post: “is that really something my friends will enjoy?”

We already know how badly everyone needs feedback. Both on the good and the bad things. It’s a natural process in educational organizations like Toastmasters, somewhat broken in corporations with their formal appraisals, and slowly crawling into general education with a push by Bill Gates himself. Time to get this working in social media.

*[LOL]: Laugh Out Loud

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