It's not how hard you can hit

myguidie died yesterday. It was one of the few, sane ideas born a year ago during the 1st Startup Weekend Warsaw. Now it’s dead, and the only questions lingering are: what will @olasitarska do next, and what will everybody else do?

The startup scene in Warsaw, and Poland in general, is about to go through its first major trial. It started to heat up a year, maybe two years ago, with teams & ideas springing up everywhere. $1B acquisitions are a major inspiration and caffeine-laden parties like the Startup Weekend only add fuel to the fire. Now, when the toughest leftovers from the scene’s pioneers are failing, more and more people will start wondering whether to call the whole thing off and get a “real” job. I expect many will.

Here’s when the fun begins.

Business is tough. Really tough. You rise and you fall and your success depends on you being able to rise again. Fall seven times, get up eight, as the Japanese saying goes. And you can read all you want about failure being the new success and being oh, so great, such an educative experience. It still hurts like hell.

If you’re a struggling entrepreneur in need of a role model, here’s one for you: Rocky Balboa. “It’s not how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!

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