Persist through CRAP

Per aspera ad astra” they used to say back when English was spoken only on an island in wild Europe. The road to success is mighty bumpy and once you arrive, you’re exposed. You will get noticed. And once you do, a lot of people will attempt to diminish your talent, skills and achievements.

CRAP is a term I picked up from Richard St. John’s excellent TED Talk on secrets of success. It stands for:

  • Criticism,
  • Rejection,
  • Assholes, and
  • Pressure.

It’s just the price that you pay for succeeding. For being somewhere regular people can’t reach. It’s like the entrance fee to Disneyland and money you pay for the rides. Accept it, pay and head for the fun stuff.

I make software. And other things. Mostly in Warsaw, Poland, from wherever there’s an Internet connection, power outlet and fresh coffee. I love to read and learn how the world works. You should follow me at @mpaluchowski.

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