Hi, I'm Michał

I’m what you would call a “full stack developer” these days, based in Warsaw, Poland. I deliver software, from the front-end all the way to the depths of the back-end.

This blog is an outlet for my thinking about the business of software—both the technology and the people building it. I write mostly for selfish reasons. One, I simply like writing. Two, it’s an excellent way to test my thinking, by exposing holes that become evident only when a loose network of thoughts must be organized into an orderly, linear piece of text. Three, publishing stuff for anyone to see sets a certain standard and takes away any excuses I may have for sloppy writing. It’s good practice too.

If you’re finding any of the content published here useful, do let me know.

Away from computers, I’m an active triathlete, competing on distances ranging from Sprint to IronMan 70.3—that’s the half IronMan, hence the 70.3 suffix, being the total distance in miles. Triathlon is excellent because it’s a real-life game of strategy. It takes discipline and grit to build endurance and fitness required by races, but it also takes a lot of thought to prepare all the equipment, pace yourself correctly and apply all the other strategies needed to get ahead. I learn a lot from triathlons that applies to software development.

You can find me on Twitter, and now and then I share bits of code on GitHub.