Living with Wordpress is likely gone by the time you’re reading this. Acquired by Twitter in 2012, closed down in the end of April 2013. I checked my options and considering:

  • existing URLs need to work for SEO reasons,
  • I’m not willing to pay much for hosting this blog, writing being a minor side activity that I do,
  • I want to avoid moving this elsewhere again in a few months if another Posterous-like service goes down.

In the end I went for a self-hosted WordPress instance. It’s just the easiest way to go - actively maintained platform, huge community, really easy to set-up and I could both configure URLs as well as redirections where needed. My bottom line is: I just need a place to write and publish.

If you find anything broken, please be so kind and let me know. I might have missed it.

Later I will likely take some time to design my own theme - simple, minimalist, content first. For the moment enjoy the visually excellent design by SiteOrigin.

*[URLs]: Uniform Resource Locator *[SEO]: Search Engine Optimization

I make software. And other things. Mostly in Warsaw, Poland, from wherever there’s an Internet connection, power outlet and fresh coffee. I love to read and learn how the world works. You should follow me at @mpaluchowski.

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